RACE Services is a comprehensive service company for all of your breakdown repairs, programmed maintenance and installation needs, we have been a leading provider of refrigeration, air conditioning, DDC controls and electrical services throughout Regional Victoria since 1997.

We commit to assisting our Clients to reduce their repair and running cost of plant and equipment, this is achieved by:

  • Providing Maintenance Plans: nominating equipment and ID numbers, model/serial numbers and when Services are to be carried out
  • Issuing service reports on the completion of each service, nominating: Client Site Contact, equipment ID number, details of observations and recommended repairs
  • Providing estimates, to carry out any rectification work
  • All replacement parts and equipment will be selected to ensure correct operation and assist with and improve energy efficiency
  • Communicating with Site Contacts, to ensure satisfaction with services and quality of work/service
  • Making recommendations on operating systems and procedures to ensure energy efficiency whilst maintaining comfort.
  • All Clients responses and feedback will be reviewed and actions by our Service Manager

Race Services


  • Programmed maintenance
  • Breakdown repairs
  • Refrigeration repairs & installation
  • Cooling repairs, servicing & installation
  • Heating repairs, servicing & installation
  • Plumbing repairs & Installation
  • Equipment audits & reports
  • Essential services reporting

  • Switchboard manufacture
  • Control system design
  • DDC & Building management systems
  • Energy management systems & advice
  • Electrical drawings (in CAD)
  • Exit & Emergency Lighting
  • Generator Servicing, repairs & testing
  • Testing & Tagging
  • Electrical repairs, service & installation

  • Cool Rooms
  • Commercial Refrigerators
  • Portable Cooling
  • Portable Heating
  • Portable Dehumidification
  • Temporary Power
  • Installation & advice service

For all your refrigeration and air
conditioning needs, use
an authorised business and
licensed technician.

Refrigerant Trading Authorisation Certificate AU11895