Frequently Asked Questions

If your A/C System is not working properly....Before you call our Service team please check the following simple issues that may save you time and money!

Simple Checks

  1. If your remote is not working, check the batteries first before calling the service team
  2. On the remote is the FAN set to the right level?
  3. On the Remote control is the Mode set to Cooling ( Snowflake ) or Heating ( Sun )? Make sure Mode is set to the appropriate setting for your desired outcome.
  4. On the remote, is your temperature set to the right level? The most effective temperature for optimum operation is 23-25C in summer and 21-23 C in Winter.

Gather some information before calling such as:

  • Q: What is the Brand?
  • Q: Is the system a Ducted or Wall Mounted split system?
  • Q: If you have a ducted system do you have a FAULT CODE showing on the Controller? If you do please record the code before calling us.
  • Q: Do you know if the unit is under warranty? Purchase date records such as receipts and proof for any Warranty claims.
  • Q: Is the problem in a specific unit, i.e. Indoor or Outdoor unit or the remote control far as you can tell?
  • Q: Is the unit flashing or beeping.
  • Q: Have you had any power surge issues that may have caused the system to fail recently? Have you checked your power board?

Other Issues and Answers for your consideration.

During the heating cycle, water expelled from the outdoor unit?
During winter, most air conditioners defrost when the outdoor temperature is below 6 degrees C. This is the ice melting off of the coil and is normal operation.

During the heating cycle, a white mist is expelled from the outdoor fans?
During winter, most air conditioners defrost when the outdoor temperature is below 6 degrees C. This mist is normal, it is only warm water vapour being expelled.

The unit won't switch on and the green (or red) operation lamp is flashing?
If the unit is new please contact your installer or Manufacturer for your nearest Service provider.

I have a ducted air conditioner and the air only comes out in part of the house?
Ducted systems can be designed so that only parts of the house (zones) can be air conditioned at a time. Check that the zone switch is turned on.

When I go on holidays, can I switch my air conditioner off at the power point or at the fuse box?
It is OK to turn the power off, especially if you are away for long periods. Most units have a low wattage crankcase heater that keeps the compressor warm. If the compressor is cold, damage will occur at startup. If you turn power off to your air conditioner, the power must be turned on at least 12 hrs before use.

I've cleaned my air filter but the light won't go off?
You will need to press the reset button. On wall splits and floor consoles you will need to remove the grille to find the reset button. With ducted, light commercial and commercial situations the reset button is on the controller.

How often do I clean my air filter?
A general indication is when the filter light flashes. But depending on the environment or the air purity, in a normal domestic situation once every season is adequate. In a commercial situation, once every month

If your unit has had flood damage or any outside forces that have caused the fault such as rodents, physical damage, fire damage or was installed incorrectly, then a manufacturers warranty does not apply.

Be aware that there could be more than one fault on any system. They are complex systems with motors, refrigerant gas under pressure, pipes, plumbing, electric motors, compressors fans filters, power boards and electric circuit boards. Basically they are-mechanical devices that rely on chemical and physic laws to work effectively. Any fault in one part of the system may cause secondary issues that take a two stage process to fix.